The Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian Shirt:  Tips and Info from the Pros on How to Stay Way Cool®

The Hawaiian shirt has an outdated rap as uncool. According to the Wall Street Journal, and others, these iconic fashion staples of fashion are showing surprising staying power as they hit the runway:

This season, rather than retreat to a world of safe solids and polite prints (see gingham, madras, Liberty florals), designers have doubled down on in-your-face motifs - Wall Street Journal, March 30, 2017 

Forbes gets right to the heart of the matter in an article entitled, "How To Incorporate The Aloha Shirt, The Year's Most Surprising Fashion Trend, Into Your Wardrobe."

Designer Ari South says, “It's similar to vintage fashion. These classics are being embraced and seen with new eyes by young men (and women), and loved for the  memories they bring back of growing up." - Forbes, November 27, 2016

As in music, BayouWear® takes this trend & puts new Orleans in the mix, anticipating what GQ just discovered:

 "When it comes to print, you must go big or go home. This isn’t one of those moments where pulling it off is about toning it down. - GQ, March 28, 2016

See the guides from BuzzfeedAttire ClubVogueNYTimes and Fashion Tag on how to style the look. For more about Hawaiian & Aloha shirts, check out Business Insider and New York Post.  BayouWear's patterns are recognized collectibles according to NOLA Defender and, with a cult following on Instagram at @jazzfest_dad. BayouWear has a rich history. Read about at our Behind the Scenes Insight.