Behind the Scenes - Part 3: BayouWear - Art to Wear Out™

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BayouWear traces its origins to the desire for a casual natural fiber shirt suitable for Festival-going in a sub-tropical climate that wasn't a t-shirt. No one made it - so we did. The first shirt motif was inspired by the one worn by the figure in the 1981 Jazz Fest poster; dubbed a HowAhYa® Shirt after the fabled mid-century Hawaiian shirts that inspired their look. It was an instant hit - a portable Jazz Fest affiliation visual (i.e. art masquerading as a souvenir).

Behind the Scenes - Part 2: 2017 Congo Square Struts from Bmike's Studio

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The Congo Square / Jazz Fest poster has a distinct purpose and personality differentiating it from the “Classic” Jazz Fest poster highlighted last week. It celebrates the Afro-Caribbean diaspora that so enriched America’s (and the world’s) culture that is figuratively and literally at the center of Jazz Fest. As a boutique project with editions barely one quarter the size of the Classic, the art is freer even as the project receives the same lavish attention, silk-screen production values and resources as the Classic. 

Behind the Scenes - Bmike Timelapse

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